Workshop: Barre Chords for Beginners

Level: Beginner

*A basic understanding of the fretboard is recommended for this course

Your ukulele comes with an entire neck full of frets, so why are you only using the first three? Nigel will teach you not to fear the fretboard and open up a realm of playing possibilities in this beginner/intermediate level workshop. You’ll be playing up the neck like a pro in no time! 


Nigel D'Eon is a lab technologist by day and a ukulele superhero by night. His YouTube channel has over 416,000 views of ukulele videos featuring old classic songs and covers of modern tunes by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and others along with DIY building instrument videos. He hosts open mic nights in Shelburne at the SeaDog Saloon and is the ukulele player in the rock group Bocephus Blue & The Tragic Love Song Band performing all over the Acadian coast of Nova Scotia. Every year his workshops are among the most highly rated and his performances are legendary. We think of Nigel as our secret weapon.



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