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Fred Casey began to learn guitar as a teenager, and eventually followed it to Mexico, where he spent four years studying classical guitar in the Conservatorio Nacional de Música. Later, he developed a passion for building musical instruments and since 1978 has been a luthier whose ukuleles, guitars and harps have found homes in throughout Canada, the USA, England, Australia and Norway.

After many years as a guitarist, Fred got excited about playing bass `ukulele when he first heard a Kala U-Bass in the hands of Hawaiian singer-instrumentalist Nathan Aweau. Immediately upon returning from Hawaii Fred built his first U-Bass copy and then set to work developing his own design. Now Fred spends a lot of time on the bass, playing backup for his wife Kate Ferris’ performances and for other ‘ukulele activities around Winnipeg.

Workshop: Learn To Play Bass

Level: Beginner

*Interest in learning how to add bass to your ukulele jams

Learn to play bass `ukulele with Fred Casey. Fred will show you what notes to play with what chords; how to get from chord to chord with simple bass runs; and appropriate rhythmic patterns to use with different styles of music. Fred will also be teaching the bass part for Kate’s ‘All Together Now’ workshop.

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